How to Make Slime Ball Popsicle Stick Bracelets

how-to-make-slime-ball-popsicle-stick-bracelets-glitter-kids-craftsThis week we're going back to our roots. About a year ago we created a YouTube video on How to Make Popsicle Stick Bracelets. Well, we're back with another popsicle stick bracelet video! However this time we're decorating them with "Slime Balls". That's right! Unless you've been living under a rock, or don't have kids under the age of 15, you probably are aware that SLIME has taken the country by storm.

Better yet Slime Ball Popsicle Stick Bracelets is an original creation by Kids Crafts by Three Sisters! We haven't seen anyone make these and we're excited to share with you how we did it.

• Jumbo Popsicle Sticks
   (We found a huge box at Michaels - $4.99)
• 1 Package of Slime Balls
  (We found ours at Michaels - $3.99)
• Mode Podge
• A few drops of Acrylic Paint
• Paint Brushes
• Glitter (Optional)

This kids craft is so much fun and inexpensive to make, you could make them for birthday parties or even local craft fairs.




STEP 1:  Boil the Jumbo sized popsicle sticks for about 30 minutes and let them soak another 30 minutes.

Note: Boil more than you'll need because some of them will break when bending the popsicle sticks to fit inside a glass jar or lid. Totally normal.

boil popsicle sticks to make bracelets


STEP 2:   Gently bend the popsicle sticks slowly to fit inside a glass jar or lid. We bent our popsicle sticks by rocking them back and forth first as seen in the video.

how to bend popsicle sticks for bracelets


STEP 3:  Let the popsicle stick bracelets dry in the glass jar or plastic lid overnight. They will retain their shape, so you can decorate them.

let popsicle sticks dry overnight



STEP 4:  Mix 1 Tablespoon of Mod Podge, a small amount of slime balls (4 Tablespoons) & 2-3 drops of paint into a bowl.

NOTE: It is important to use a small amount of Mod Podge and a few drops of paint. If you use too much Mod Podge or paint the bracelets will expand and loose their shape while drying.

mix mod podge, slime balls & paint


STEP 5:  Set your mixture aside and paint the face of your popsicle stick the same color as slime ball mixture. Just enough to cover the bracelet. (Oops we forget to take a picture of this step).


STEP 6:  Begin applying your Mod Podge, slime ball & paint mixture to the popsicle sticks. The balls will be slippery and fall off, but it's okay. Just keep trying. We found the easiest method was to scrape the slime balls off our popsicle stick or fingers right onto the face of the bracelet. As demonstrated in the video.

add slime balls to popsicle stick bracelets


STEP 7:  Sprinkle glitter over the Slime Ball Popsicle Stick Bracelet while the mixture is still wet.

glitter bracelets


STEP 8:  Let the bracelet hang over the rim of a bowl or jar to dry overnight. In the morning, your Slime Ball Popsicle Stick Bracelet will be ready to wear!

 how to make slime ball popsicle stick braceletsIf you've applied too much paint or slime ball mixture to your bracelet, you'll see the popsicle stick begin to expand and open up. Not to fear though, you can regain the shape of your slime ball popsicle stick bracelet by tucking the ends into the top of a jar and let it dry overnight. We know....we tried it!

how to make slime ball popsicle stick bracelets