How to Make a Monster Box & Big Foot Box – Kleenex Box Craft

Do you have empty Kleenex boxes lying around the house? Well Kids Crafts by Three Sisters has the perfect craft for you! This fun Kleenex Box Kids Craft is a blast. Riley & Reese will show you to make a cute monster box OR furry Big Foot Box for your room. Keep special items or notes inside.

Boy or girl, this craft is bound to create a lot of laughs. Items needed for this project:

  • Empty Kleenex Box
  • Paint
  • Egg Cartons
  • Googly Eyes
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint
  • White Foam Sheet
  • Raffia (optional)
  • Two sheets of Fur (Big Foot Box)
  • Glue Gun (Big Foot Box)

Inspiration for our Monster & Big Foot Box cam from and the Tattle Monster Box (Click here). You have to read for yourself the clever use Mariah created for the Tattle Monster!