How to Make DIY Dinosaur Soap with Kids



Inspiration for our DIY dinosaur soap craft came from a video we saw by NIFTY. Their version looked amazing. Truth be told, we had a hard time getting our eggs to come out in one piece. All four of our original attempts separated in two parts. Thus we adapted their idea to be kid friendly!

• 1 Plastic egg
• 1 Block of transparent glycerin soap (Found at Michael's)
• 1 Microwave safe dish
• Tape
• Popsicle Stick -(Used to stir the soap)
• 1 Egg Carton - (This will hold your egg)
• 1 Small Toy

• 1 bottle cap
• Hot glue gun

The final result was a big hit with the kids in the neighborhood. And heck, we even recycled the bottom half of the plastic egg as a holder for our soap. Who doesn't love upcycling?

Most noteworthy, the soap making technique used in this craft is an easy melt and pour method. Ideal for beginners. For adult or children with sensitive skin, feel free to purchase a block of organic soap online.

Additionally, if you want your soap to be colored or have a nice scent, you'll need to put a drop of soap coloring or essential oil at Step 4.

When using soap coloring, you only need 1 MAYBE 2 drops. We did a version with 3-4 drops of yellow coloring and you couldn't see the toy inside the soap. The kids totally preferred the translucent method.




STEP 1:  First start by cutting your clear glycerin soap block  into 1" chunks and dropping them in a microwave safe dish.



STEP 2:  Take just the top of the Easter Egg and put tape on the holes of the egg. This will ensure the melted soap doesn't seep out the bottom. Set the top of the egg in the egg carton.

NOTE: We are only going to use the top half of the egg for our soap mold. The bottom half of the egg will become our soap holder.



STEP 3:  Insert to toy of your choice, in our case a dinosaur, upside down. This will ensure that your toy appears the correct way when we pop the soap from the mold.


STEP 4:  Melt the soap in the microwave for 40-60 seconds. Stopping every 10 seconds to stir.

NOTE:Depending on the size of your plastic easter egg, 1 block of glycerin soap should yield about 6-8 soap eggs. If you want to add soap coloring or scented oils, this is the time to do it.




STEP 5:  Continue to stir the soap every 10 seconds until all the soap chunks are melted. As seen from the video here.


STEP 6:  Once the soap is fully melted pour the liquid into the top of the plastic egg so the toy is fully covered. Let the soap sit for 2 hours until fully cooled and solid.



STEP 7:  After 2 hours roll the top of the plastic egg back and forth between your hands to gently loosen the sides. If necessary, pry the soap from the sides with a butter knife.


STEP 8:  Finally, if you're interested in making the dinosaur soap holder, simply hot glue a bottle cap to the bottom half of the plastic egg.  Tilt the egg a little to give it an off balance look.