About Us

We started this journey as a way to inspire other kids to get creative. The best way to do that was by making recycled kids crafts. Our YouTube channel is different than most because we really do try to use things around the house to make our crafts. As long as you have glue, paint and scissors you can probably get crafty right away. We're not sure where this is going, but we're having fun!



As you can probably tell from the videos Riley is our "social butterfly". Regardless of what she's doing it's SHOWTIME! Her fun-loving approach to life makes her an absolute joy to be around. She's also responsible for 30% of the video editing and photography on our kids craft blog.

When she's not crafting, you might see her dancing to her own beat or practicing handstands.


Reese is analytical. You'll find her deep in observation, thinking about how to express her thoughts. And good or bad, she says it like it is! She's very patient with a HUGE heart. If someone is hurt or not feeling well, Reese is the first person to take care of them.

Her favorite activities are tumbling & baking when she can convince Mom.


And then there's......Grace. No doubt the family comedian. She's always trying to make her sisters laugh. Shy at the get go, but loud once you get to know her. We consider her the "wild-card" when filming. You never know what she'll say or do.

Grace likes to make cameo appearances in our videos. And if you don't see her, she's probably in the background making funny comments 😉

And then there's me, Marybeth. AKA: MOM! I'm a graphic & web designer who LOVES anything creative with the intention to inspire others. Our passion together is making kids crafts & art, especially when it involves recycling every day items into something else.

To that point, we save just about everything in the house for crafts; paper plates, toilet paper rolls, old canvases, boxes, egg cartons, bottle caps, popsicle sticks, cotton balls, glue, etc. If it involves making a mess, I'm usually game. I believe kids need a creative outlet to experiment and use their imagination.

I started this project with the kids as a way to show them the creative process from start to finish. Teaching them to create their own content has been more gratifying then I could have imagined. And they've come up with some fun kids crafts! Check them out here.