Toilet Paper Roll Craft – Caterpillars

In this cute kids craft tutorial, we recycle/ or upcycle empty toilet paper rolls and turn them into cute caterpillars. Our Toilet Paper Roll Craft will entertain kids of all ages. Make them on a rain day or doe them as a classroom project.

We made movies with our little caterpillar critters and even put them on a string for a fun cat toy. And best of all, we use items you typically have around the house, so the fun can start right away.

See if you can find:

• 1 toilet paper roll
• Paint
• Cotton balls + 1 sheet of toilet paper (head of caterpillar)
• Beads or cotton balls for the legs
• Scissors (If you want to create a spiral caterpillar look)


Kids Crafts by Three Sisters make videos of each can watch our Toilet Paper Roll Craft right here. We think it's easier for kids to follow but if you prefer to read Step-by-Step instructions, well have at it....


How to make our Toilet Paper Roll Craft:

STEP 1:  Paint your toilet paper roll in alternating colors to act as sections of the caterpillar.

STEP 2:  Roll the sheet of toilet paper into a ball and stuff into one of the toilet paper roll. This will become the head of our caterpillar.

STEP 3:  Glue a pair of googly eyes onto the head of your caterpillar and draw a smile.

STEP 4:  Add two antennas by using whatever scrap paper you have lying around. Coil those up and glue them to the head.

STEP 5:  Glue beads or small pieces of cotton balls for the caterpillars feet. The girls did theirs in alternating colors to compliment the painted section on the toilet paper roll.

STEP 6:  Attach a string if you want and YOUR DONE!