Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids to Make

halloween-craft-kids-make-cotton-ball-crafts-three-sistersAlthough we did this craft last year, it's definitely one of our favorite Halloween Crafts for Kids to Make! Not only because we used items from around the house to make them, but because these Halloween Magnets were so adaptable. The kids made a pumpkin, candy corn, spider, frankenstein and monster magnet variations. I think they would have kept going...if we didn't run out of time! So, show the idea to your little crater then let their imagination run wild.

These are easy Halloween Crafts for Kids to Make in School. We consider them Mom & teacher friendly too, especially since candy is absent from this Halloween Craft. The only item we had to purchase from the craft store were magnets for the backs of our bottle caps. Otherwise the kids and I grabbed cotton balls, pipe cleaners, plastic bottle caps, googly eyes, glue & paint.

For simplicity, this post focuses on the pumpkin magnet, we do show you how to make the candy corn & spider magnets in our video. One note: if you're making the monster, we used good old Q-Tips for the antennas. If you don't have any just swap them out with whatever you have that might resemble antennas.

Remember it's an art and craft project for Halloween. Have fun and personalize the designs as much as you'd like. If you end up making some, tag us on facebook, instagram or pinterest. We'd love to see how they turned out.






STEP 1:  Begin by gluing two cotton balls inside a bottle cap.

As we said above, this post will focus on the pumpkin halloween magnet, but the video details instructions for the candy corn and spider craft. Regardless of which design you choose, the techniques to assemble the magnets are the same. 

 Paint the cotton ball orange and let dry. We did paint the side of the bottle cap orange as well; however that is a personal preference.




STEP 3:  Cut a small piece of Green pipe cleaner and bend the tip.



STEP 4:  Dip the end of the pipe cleaner in the top end of the pumpkin bottle cap. Slide it in between the cotton ball and bottle cap.




STEP 5:  Now you can glue googly eyes to the cotton ball. We did use a glue gun for this part so the eyes would adhere quickly, but you can use regular glue too.




STEP 6: Using Black acrylic paint or a sharpie marker, add a smile to your pumpkin craft.



STEP 7:  The final step is to hot glue the magnet onto the back of the bottle cap.





Here's how each of our halloween magnet designs turned out:



If you'd prefer to watch a video, we've got you covered!