How to Make easy DIY Bath Bombs with Kids

This week we made DIY bath bombs using an easy recipe which is perfect for kids. Inspiration for these babies came from the ever popular Lush Bath Bomb.

Now, our bath bomb recipe using Citric Acid, which is the substance that makes the bath bombs fizz, but we've heard you can opt to use lemon juice in place of that ingredient. I think we'll try that in another post.  Also, because our bath bombs recipe is intended for kids we used organic food coloring and KidsSafe® essential oils. No need for yucky chemicals floating in the tub.

how-make-kids-safe-bath-bombsMake these DIY bath bombs with the kids and wrap them in a little bag or cellophane for gifts for friends, family & teachers. The girls had a lot of fun with this kids craft. We made about 4 different colors and during the process they thought it would be neat to mix and layer their colors together to make multi-color or rainbow bath bombs. They also commented how much fun it would be to pop a toy in the center as a surprise. Similar to how we did on our Dinosaur Soap Eggs. Needless to say they tested them right away and were delighted to see the fizz and smell the fragrance from the oils.

• 1 cup of baking soda
• 1/2 cup citric acid - buy it online here.
•1/2 cup epsom salt
• 1 teaspoon water
• 2 teaspoons KidsSafe® essential oils
• 3 teaspoons olive oil
• Natural food coloring from Whole Foods
• Bowl
• Whisk
• Jar
• Bath bomb mold

You can use just about whatever you have around the house for a bath bomb mold: plastic ornament that splits in half, plastic egg, soap mold, silicon molds, etc. Our recipe yields about 4-5 bath bombs. However; that can vary based on the bath bomb molds you use.


Inspired by Lush Bath Bombs

STEP 1:  Mix all your dry ingredients into one bowl and whisk them together.


STEP 2:   Mix all your wet ingredients into a jar, bowl or glass.

mix bath bomb ingredients

STEP 3:  Slowly pour your wet mixture into the dry ingredients a little at a time. If you do it too fast you'll activate the citric acid causing the mixture to fizz. So do it slowly.


fizzy bath bombs


STEP 4:  When your wet ingredients are mixed with the dry ingredients you can start kneading the mixture by hand. The texture will be sandy in appearance and touch.


STEP 5:  Continue to knead the bath bomb mixture for about a minute or two. When it starts to clump together, almost like dough, it's ready to pack into the bath bomb molds. If your bath bombs crumble then the mixture was too dry. Simply add a little more oil and reshape.

STEP 6:  Lightly pack your bath bomb mixture into one side of the mold. If you pack it too tightly the bath bomb sides won't mold together. As demonstrated in the video.


STEP 7:  Stuff the second side of the mold lightly and screw the two sides together over the bowl so the excess bath bomb mixture falls off.



STEP 8:  This is what the bath bomb will look like in the mold. Put this in the freezer for 30 minutes or let it stay in there overnight. The longer they stay in the freezer the better.

how to make DIY bath bomb

STEP 9:  Tap the outside of the container with a spoon to loosen the bath bomb and slowly take apart the plastic. NOW DROP IT IN WATER AND WATCH IT FIZZ! Shown in the video below!