How to Decorate Room Letters – Wood or Cardboard

Creating DIY room decor is so easy and we'll show you how to decorate room letters. In fact, monogram letters are extremely popular and available in just about any craft store. Regardless of whether you find wood or cardboard letters this technique can be applied to either surface.

Kids Crafts by Three Sisters demonstrates how easy it is to personalize any letter with a little paint and scrapbook paper. Display the final result on a shelf or hot glue raffia / ribbon to the back as wall or door decor.

You can find inspiration from anywhere. Ours came from the summer themed scrapbook paper we had lying around. To strengthen our theme, we made the bottom 1/3 of our letters resemble grass by applying the FolkArt ® Painted Finishes - Dark Moss. The texture is so realistic, it really is like bringing the outside into our rooms  😉

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• Wood or Cardboard Letter
    (We found ours at Target for $1.49 each)
• Scrapbook Paper
• Mod Podge (Glue)
• Paint Brushes
• Acrylic Paint
FolkArt ® Painted Finishes - Dark Moss
Folk Art ® Painted Finishes - Brushes
• Raffia (Optional)

Hey, if a 7 & 9 year old can do it...SO CAN YOU!


WATCH OUR VIDEO HERE or follow the instructions below:


STEP 1:  Trace your letter onto the scrapbook paper.

STEP 2:  Cut our your letter and trim about 1/3 off the bottom of your letter. We do this because we'll apply the moss finish to the bottom to create a grass effect.

STEP 3:  Paint the edges of your letter a similar color to the background of your scrapbook paper. This gives the room letter a 3-dimensional effect.

STEP 4:  After the paint is dry. Glue the scrapbook paper to the wood or cardboard letter.

STEP 5:  Using the Folk Art ® Painted Finishes Brushes, apply the Moss Painted Finish to the top and sides of the letter.

STEP 6:  Paint a white line to across the letter to separate the moss from the scrapbook paper.

STEP 7:  Hot glue raffia or ribbon to the back of the letter to hand on a door or wall OR display it on a shelf!