Ghosts & Goblins Halloween Game for Kids

If anyone has been following our crafts lately, you should know we love to recycle items around the house as the core of each kids craft. And this week is no different when we decided to make a Halloween Game. In fact, word is getting around.

kids-craft-halloween-game-egg-cartonWe have to give special thanks to Mark at the Scottsdale Whole Foods Grill for our Halloween game "Ghosts & Goblins". He heard about our Kids Craft channel on YouTube and gave us 500 golf balls! Needless to say we'll be doing more golf ball crafts 😉

We combined the golf balls together with an empty egg carton to create this fun Halloween game for kids. It's a perfect project for a classroom halloween party or neighborhood gathering.


• Empty Egg Carton ~ dozen or half dozen egg container
• Golf balls or ping pong balls
• Paint
• Mod Podge® Sparkle ~ We used the Sparkle version to glitter up our ghosts and protect the paint on our ghosts & goblin.
• White Felt or Foam for the Teeth ~ optional
• Googly Eyes ~ optional




STEP 1:  Paint the top and sides of the egg carton Black. While that is drying move to Step 2.


STEP 2:  Paint the golf balls white. These will become your ghosts. If you're using a large egg carton you'll paint 11 Ghosts. If you've opted for small egg carton, you'll paint 5 ghosts.

STEP 3:  Paint one golf ball green. This will become your goblin.


STEP 4:  When your golf balls are dry paint faces on your ghosts and goblin. NOTE:  We discovered a Sharpie Marker works too! This is especially helpful if you want more control over facial details.

STEP 5:  Let the golf balls dry and move back to the egg carton. This time you'll paint the very front of the egg carton in addition to the inside front & back flap of the carton Green. The little notches that tuck inside the carton should be painted White with small Black dots for pupils. SHOWN IN THE VIDEO. This will give your goblin egg carton realistic eyes. You could also hot glue or Mod Podge Googly Eyes in this spot.


STEP 6:  Once the faces on your golf balls are dry, coat each ghost and goblin with one coat Mod Podge® Sparkle. We did this to give the balls a little POP, but also protect the paint while playing the game.

STEP 7:  Move back to the egg carton, and paint the bottom of the egg carton Orange. Once that was dry we also painted the inside cover of our egg carton Black; however you can embellish and decorate your goblin any way you want from this point.


STEP 8:  Cut White foam or White paper in a zig-zag pattern for goblin teeth. This step is optional.


STEP 9:  Grab a friend and start playing!


2 PEOPLE: Let the dealer rearrange the golf balls into between each turn. Then the other person closes their eyes to select a golf ball. If the person selects a ghost you keep going. If you pick the goblin, set it back in the egg carton and allow the dealer to rearrange the ghosts and goblins. The object is to rescue as many ghosts as you can without grabbing the goblin.

3 OR MORE PEOPLE: Rescue the ghosts until you get the goblin. If you select the goblin, set it back into the egg carton and allow the dealer to rearrange the golf balls. Then it's the next persons turn. The person with the most ghosts after they are all picked wins the game.