JellyFish Craft Made From Coffee Filters

We love using items around the house for crafting and this JellyFish Craft made from coffee filters was no different. In fact, many times we find things we've saved for recycling or materials we have a ton of to create our next craft.

We'll show you how to make whimsical Jellyfish Craft using Coffee Filters & Washable Markers. Hang them in your room, display as party decor or create a classroom project with them. Kids Crafts by Three Sisters created this fun and easy JellyFish craft by using:

• 4 Coffee Filters
• Washable Markers (You can find these at the $1 store)
• Spray Bottle with Water
• Scissors
• Modge Podge
• Googly Eyes (optional)

jellyfish craft-coffee-filter-craft

Our YouTube video provides a wonderful step-by-step tutorial on how we created this craft, but for those that love to read...

How to Make our Coffee Filter JellyFish Craft:

STEP 1:  Take two coffee filters and stack them inside each other.
Please note: you'll use two for the body of the jellyfish and two for the tentacles, so if you want to do a second set of coffee filters at the same time....go for it! Otherwise you'll need to repeat this step a second time.

STEP 2:  Grab your washable markers and color as you wish. We found ours at the $1 store.

STEP 3:  Now for this step, put something down to protect your table, then spray water onto the coffee filters. Watch the colors bleed until they create a tye-die effect. The kids had so much fun watching the colors blend.

STEP 4:  Let the coffee filters dry for about 10 minutes.

STEP 5:  Select the two coffee filters you'd like to use for the body then roll a plastic bag into a ball. Place the balled up plastic bag in the center of the coffee filter and spread Mod Podge (glue) around the edges of the filter.

STEP 6:  Lay the second coffee filter over the plastic bag and press around the edges so the coffee filters are glued together. This trick gives your JellyFish Craft dimension.

STEP 7:  Take the other two coffee filters and cut them in a spiral pattern to create curly tentacles.

STEP 8:  Fold each leg in half and Mod Podge them under the belly of the JellyFish.

STEP 9:  And the final step is to glue googly eyes to the top edge of the JellyFish. Nothing makes a kids craft more cuter then googly eyes!

THAT'S IT! Hang and enjoy. The girls have them dangling from the ceiling in their room. They look darling.