Easy Plastic Bottle Suncatcher Craft

easy-summer-kids-craft-plastic-bottle-suncatcherMaking a plastic bottle suncatcher is a super simple craft to do with kids. Rather than tossing out those plastic water bottles, why not teach children about recycling or repurposing everyday items around the house. I've personally found it expands their creativity by giving them the ability to view containers, cardboard & bottle caps from a totally different perspective.

The other day we did just that by creating colorful suncatchers from plastic water bottles. Of course the design can be as intricate or easy as your little artist decides. But a basic desig, as seen in the picture, only took about 15 minutes per suncatcher. That's the perfect amount of crafting time for children of younger ages or shorter attention spans.

Using just sharpie markers and scissors each child created their own unique suncatcher or wind spinner. In fact, this summer craft was so easy our littlest crafter (age 5) participated.

• 1 plastic water bottle
(The flimsy plastic is easier to cut for kids)
• 1 set of Permanent Sharpie Markers
• Scissors


STEP 1:  Remove the plastic label from the bottle.

STEP 2: Using your Permanent Sharpie Markers, alternate the colors vertically up and down water bottle. You can also follow the grooves of the water bottle and color horizontal; however we thought the designs were more interested when you went off course. Perhaps a metaphor for life 😉

Note: The markers have to be PERMANENT Sharpie's. Otherwise the ink will rub off right away.



STEP 3: Take off the bottle cap and pierce the plastic bottle near the first rib of plastic with your scissors. Now, save the bottle cap because you can recycle that into art too. Check out our other recycled crafts for kids. Start cutting the water bottle all the way around in a spiral pattern until you reach the bottom.



STEP 4: Hang on the tree outside or in the window. Watch the sun catch the colors off your plastic bottle suncatcher!



Hey, and if you prefer to watch our recycled kids craft tutorial on How to Make a Suncatcher or Wind Spinner, we've got you covered there too!