How to Face Paint a Bunny, Dog & Cat using Arteza Face Paint for Kids

We took a break from painting paper this week and tried our hand at face painting! It's something the kids have been wanting to do for a long time. But I'm always hesitant to let children use products a ton of yucky chemicals. So we've been waiting for just the right face paint. Lucky for us Arteza, an online art supply company, had just the right product. We found a premium face painting kit for kids that is non toxic, paraben free, water based & easy to wash off.

Better yet, Arteza asked us to try the face paints and give the product an honest review. We liked it so much that you can benefit by receiving a 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL ARTEZA PRODUCTS!

We would NEVER endorse something we hadn't tried ourselves or throughly enjoyed. As we do with all our crafts or reviews, we test and compare. For this face painting challenge / review we compared the Arteza face paint product to a very popular face paint kit you can find at Michael's.

The kids and I noticed the Arteza Premium Face Paint for Kids went on much smoother, felt lighter on the skin and washed off easier. Plus, the fact that there are no paraben's in the product make it a no brainer.

The face paint kit we use comes with 16 colors, two brushes, two glitter containers & 24 stencils. You can see the product in detail in the "How to Face Paint Animals" video! We're not sure you can purchase the exact same kit with glitter any longer, but the premium face paint kit with 16 colors, 2 brushes and stencils is available here:

In this easy tutorial you'll learn how to face paint a bunny on kids. We also show you how to paint a cute cat & dog face, but you'll have to watch the video at the bottom for those 😉

1 set of Arteza Premium Face Paint for Kids
  Arteza Coupon Code DAK-KON-294 for 10% OFF

Use Arteza coupon code DAK-KON-294 to get your 10% discount



STEP 1:  Begin by dabbing the soft wedge sponge in White and dabbing it against the chin and above the lip below the nose.

NOTE: It's important to DAB the paint and not brush the paint on the face with the wedge. This will give you more saturated colors. You'll use the paint brush for areas you need to brush. In the picture below, riley touching up the white around the corner of the lip with smaller paint brush. 




STEP 2:  To make the cheeks, dab the sponge in pink and press in a circular motion.



STEP 3:  Use the thicker paint brush and put Black face paint on your brush. Now you can apply it on the nose. You'll want to make an upside down triangle, continuing to paint around the nostrils.




STEP 4:  Complete your cute bunny nose by adding a black vertical line from the bottom of the nose to the top of the lip.



STEP 5:  To face paint the bunny muzzle, dip the back of your paint brush in Black face paint and make three dots in a triangle shape on both sides of the vertical line.

Use Arteza coupon code DAK-KON-294 to get your 10% discount




STEP 6:  Using the muzzle dots as your guide, take your thin paint brush and drag a line diagonally in a quick motion for whiskers.

NOTE: This was Riley's favorite part 😉




STEP 7:  At this point Riley went back and dabbed White face paint on the bridge of the nose and the forehead.



STEP 8:  To make the bunny's ears, we're going to paint a black triangle above each eye and then accent the inside with white and then pink.





STEP 9:  And that's it! Our bunny faces came out adorable!




Hey, and if you're one of those people who prefer learning by watching video, we've got you covered...